Welcome to Mapping Across Borders. Mapping Across Borders is a Canadian Non-Profit Organization that seeks to provide both in person training and online learning opportunities to all persons who can benefit from Geographic Information Science/Systems (GIS) and Mapping. Mapping Across Borders (MAB) does this by integrating a social experience of learning, sharing experience and volunteerism with the latest internet technologies. MAB accomplishes its goals by:

  • Bridging
    global citizens to local projects
  • Harnessing
    social media for collaborative learning
  • Actively Engaging
    with students and NGOs to make Mapping Across Borders work for them

News Feed:

Friday June 13, 2014 5:14pm
MAB Announcement
Beta Test
- The beta test for the Mapping Across Borders site has begun!
Video Here

Currently, the Mapping Across Borders website is in Beta development and its features are being tested by a limited number of test users. We hope to have a number of the features under development publicly available soon. If you want to know more about what these features will look like, we invite you take a look at our Information Space by clicking the Information tab at the top of this page.

If you are interested in the world-wide Training Programs that MAB delivers, we encourage you to take a look at our Training Programs page to find out more information about attending already arranged programs or to work with a MAB staff member to organize a session with your organization.

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